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Obscure is a dark adventure full of mystery and action in a U.S
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Obscure is a survival horror game for PC developed by Hydravision. This is a dark adventure full of mystery and action which takes place in a U.S. High School.
Leafmore High School was the typical American High school, with its troubled adolescents, the metal lockers, football team and cheerleaders. But for a while, things have changed. The walls were dirty, the books are outdated, and teachers have lost the taste for teaching...

In this sordid scene is where a group of students from Leafmore decided to investigate what is going on in their high school, pushed by the mysterious disappearance of one of their friends. What begins as a joke-like inquiry becomes just the worst of the sordid nightmares.

Obscure is an adventure that certainly lives up to its name, full of dark tricky corners and dark scenarios which you need to investigate in order to clarify everything that is happening in Leafmore. There will be no action scenes in which you do not face terrible enemies!

A game with impressive graphics quality that justifies the large size, and no less stringent requirements.

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